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Pallet Trucks

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The pallet truck often proves a low-maintenance, manually operated alternative to the more costly forklift truck in industry, commercial storage and warehousing and BiGDUG offers a huge range of industry-certified Pallet Trucks that will meet the demands of almost any pallet handling requirement. Included within this range are Rough Terrain, Galvanised, Semi-Electric, Electric, Heavy Duty, Mini, Narrow and Extra Long Pallet Trucks. We even offer Adjustable Fork Pallet Trucks to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes.
Low profile pallet trucks, for example, are designed for low-clearance, disposable, American and far-Eastern pallets. In spite of the low-level profile they can still lift up to 2000 kg in weight. Our Mini Hand Pallet Trucks are similarly compact and particularly popular with delivery van drivers with low space and weight limits. At the other end of the working height range are our Rough Terrain Pallet trucks. Designed for the more rigorous demands of the building, construction and hire industries, the Trucks are used extensively in garden centres, parks, farms and equestrian centres.
For cold, clean or corrosive environments, BiGDUG stocks a range of stainless steel and fully galvanised Pallet Trucks. Used by the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries all of our galvanised and stainless steel pallet tricks, including their leak-free pump mechanisms, are fully resistant to moisture.   
With a load-lifting capacity of between 3000 and 5000 kg, durable polyurethane or steel wheels and forks with a longer reach, the Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks are simple to operate, easy to manoeuvre and suitable for intensive use, the handling of bulkier items and the lifting industrial-level loads.
Our pallet truck range also has a number of models with a scissor-lift facility that allows the operator to lift heavy items as well as carrying them. These trucks can lift and carry weights of up to 1000 kg and also raise the loads to up to 800 mm high. The scissor-lift pallet trucks are available with a semi-electric option, instead of a manual pump, to reduce the operator’s manual efforts even further.
In a similar manner, our electric and semi-electric pallet trucks minimise operator strain and will increase overall handling capacity.  They also benefit from being far less costly to buy and maintain than a forklift truck.
Where accurate weighing of loads is a transportation or workplace necessity, BiGDUG can supply a hand pallet truck with an integrated load indication system. With a large, high-contrast display and totalising function, the Truck has a load weighing capacity of ± 0.1%
Whichever model is selected, all of our Pallet Trucks are supplied with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Some of our range also benefit from a 12 month, on-site parts and labour warranty. (Please speak with a member of our Customer Service Team - 0845 966 6000 - to confirm the terms of a product’s warranty prior to ordering.)