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Storage Boxes & Containers

Manufacturing innovations in recent years have meant that the size, style and specification of storage boxes is now almost limitless. That is why BiGDUG offers such a wide variety. 

With such a choice we want to be sure that we can offer our customers the most suitable storage option with the best service and the lowest possible price. Identifying the most suitable composition of the container is normally the first, and most fundamental, determinant. Our range therefore includes containers made from plastic, cardboard, stainless steel, fluted polypropylene, polyethylene, wire mesh and galvanised steel. Each material will have specific properties and capabilities and BiGDUG’s expert Customer Service Advisors can help you to determine which is the most suitable for the products you intend to store.

In recent years, plastic boxes have moved to the forefront of boxed-storage solutions. Moulded under extreme pressure to ensure consistency in dimension and loading capacity, plastic boxes are reusable (offering an excellent return on investment), hygienic, impervious to moisture, corrosion-free and easy to clean. BiGDUG’s range of plastic storage boxes includes established brands – like Really Useful, Wham, Gratnells, K-Bins - and more general, multi-use boxes. 

Our ever-popular Really Useful Boxes are made from impact resistant, semi-transparent polypropylene and use the unique folding-handle design to lock the lid in place. With straight sides to maximise inner storage space, reinforced edges to facilitate secure stacking and a translucent plastic construction to make visibility of content easier, the Really Useful Box has become the storage option of choice for warehouses, shops, offices and homes.

Wham storage boxes share similar properties and features to the Really Useful Box - versatility, stack-ability and semi-transparency - but differ in their lid design. Unlike the handle-lock of the Really Useful Box, the Wham plastic box instead uses simple clip-on lids. Many of our Wham boxes are available with brightly-coloured lids and will therefore prove particularly useful when visible coding of stored content is required, when there is a particular colour preference or when the boxes just need to coordinate with the décor. 

For more general use, BiGDUG’s Value Plastic Storage Boxes are budget-priced all-rounders suitable for the office, storeroom, garage or home. Available in a variety of standard sizes, these sturdy storage boxes may be low in cost but are made from heavy-duty plastic, are of rugged construction and can withstand both low and high storage temperatures.

If cardboard storage boxes are the preferred option for document storage - particularly because cardboard boxes are often lighter and cheaper than plastic boxes - the BiGDUG Branded Document Box is ideal. Supplied in flat-pack form, the boxes come complete with lids and have large labelling areas to identify the stored documents. These boxes are most commonly used in office and work environments where papers need to be accessed regularly but where the archiving storage area is guaranteed to be free from moisture and damp.

Regulations surrounding the need to recycle and store waste in the workplace are becoming more and more demanding. Employees are also demanding more commitment from their employers to recycle waste. BiGDUG therefore offers a range of Recycling and Waste Bins that make recycling simple and straightforward for employees and cost-effective and practical for employers. Our range extends from the economical packs of recycling bins made from cardboard through to the large capacity bottle skips used by retailers and licensees. With bins designed for cups, cans, paper and general waste in between, BiGDUG is sure to have recycling bin that will suit both the storage of the waste and the working environment. 

Customised practicality is also a feature of our Classroom Storage options. The BiGDUG range includes book display units, mobile storage units, classroom storage shelves, mobile toy containers and general classroom containers. All of our classroom storage bays are constructed from strengthened, impact-resistant tubular plastic and manufactured for us by the UK's leading supplier to the Education Sector. We also source a number of wooden storage units, plastic trays and adjustable tray systems from the long established UK manufacturer, Gratnells.

Whether you want a purpose-designed container for work, a storage unit for the classroom or a general tidying-up box for the home, our Customer Services Team can help you find it. And, because we always hold thousands of storage boxes and containers in stock, we can get them to you in the minimum amount of time. Just call BiGDUG on 0800 088 6300 (or email us at to access great products, great service and great prices.

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