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Sack Trucks come in a huge number of shapes, sizes and designs. With a huge number of different uses, and a variety of descriptive terms (including sack trolley, hand trolley and sack barrow) finding the right sack truck for your handling requirements can be confusing. At BiGDUG we believe that we can minimise this confusion by stocking a range of high quality trucks that can be filtered using intended use, weight capacity, and price as the guidelines.

General purpose Sack Trucks with pneumatic wheels like the Standard Sack Truck are perhaps the most popular choice simply because they are light in weight, offer generous load capacities and can cope with uneven surfaces with the minimum amount of jarring on the user’s arms. Pneumatic tyres also offer better manoeuvrability. Solid wheel, or puncture proof, sack trucks however are often preferred for regular, smooth-surface use because the puncture-proof tyres are maintenance free and more durable. Puncture Proof tyres are available on our Standard Sack Truck or Sack Truck with Glides.

If frame weight is a consideration, then a lightweight aluminium frame may be preferable to a heavier steel frame. Aluminium also has the advantage of being rust and corrosion resistant but has generally less weight capacity. The Telescopic Folding Sack TruckDual Handled, P Handle, Fold Flat and are all made from aluminium.

BiGDUG’s range of Heavy Duty, industrial Sack Trucks includes the Angle Iron Sack Truck and the 3 in 1 Sack Truck. The Angle Iron can carry loads of up to 300kg and has a frame designed to cope with a variety of packages, boxes and loose loads. The 3 in 1 Truck, is similarly robust and can carry loads of up to 250 kg, but has the added benefit of being capable of carrying in three different ways. The Multi Position Truck and the heavy-duty, 400kg load-capacity Three Position Sack Truck are similarly versatile and, like the 3 in 1, can be used as a standard sack truck or as a platform truck. 

Our Stairclimber range is particularly popular with removal companies and delivery couriers who regularly have to transport goods up and down stairs. The Stairclimbers are designed for the unique demands of stairs but are also versatile enough for general use. They are available as a conventional Sack Truck design or as a Twin Footplate version. 

If limited carrying space is an issue then the Folding and Fixed Toe Plate Sack Truck combines compact storage size with a 200kg load capacity. The Truck is particularly popular with delivery couriers, retailers and warehouse operatives. Similarly job-specific trucks available from BiGDUG include the Chair Shifter Trolley, the Rough Terrain Sack Truck and the Heavy Duty Bulky Sack Truck all of which have a primary function but are also suitable for a number of other handling applications.

Transporting and handling loads causes a huge number of workplace accidents. BiGDUG'S range of sack trucks and other manual handling aids can help to reduce these accidents and ensure a safe and productive working environment.