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Mezzanine Floor and Space Creation

Do you seem to be rapidly running out of space in your storage facility? Perhaps you’re considering expanding your current premises or even moving to a larger building. Both these options mean stress, expense, and potential downtime for your business — not an attractive prospect.

However, there is a third option you might not have considered yet.

Look up. What do you see? If you’re one of the many storage facility operators that aren’t making the most of their vertical space, you’re now looking at a golden opportunity to cut costs and save yourself the upheaval of moving to a larger building to meet the growing demands on your business.

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Mezzanine Flooring

Don’t move out — move up

Take your business to the next level — literally — with BiGDUG’s range of mezzanine floor and space creation solutions! Whether you simply need additional storage or want to build new facilities into your existing space like a new staff room or office, we’ve got you covered. Our mezzanine floors:

• Are tailor-made to match the needs of each customer

• Utilise the vertical space in your building to increase floor space by up to 50%

• Are designed to be used in conjunction with a range of shelving systems

• Come in a wide range of sizes, structures, floor types, and load capacities

• Are suitable for a variety of applications from industrial to retail

• Can be dismantled and transported if you do decide to move locations in the future

• Do not require additional planning permission

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Cost-effective and stress-free

Building up within the space you already have is far more cost-effective than going out and purchasing additional premises you may not even need. It’s not just the cost of the space itself you need to think about either — consider the potential downtime for your business while you expand your facility or move to a new one. A mezzanine floor could be the answer to all your prayers, and best of all, we can install it with next-to-no disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. BiGDUG’s team of professional installation experts can work around any restrictions you may need to put in place. Whether that means completing the project within a specific timeframe or only carrying out our work outside your organisation’s operating hours, we will do whatever it takes to finish the job as quickly as we can with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Tailor-made for your needs

At BiGDUG, we don’t do “one-size-fits-all.” Your mezzanine floor will be purpose-built for your exact requirements. It all starts with a free, no-obligation site visit, where we will assess your facility, take all the necessary measurements, and guide you through the various options available to you. Once this step is complete, we will head back to base and get to work creating a computer-generated 3D blueprint of your mezzanine floor. This diagram will allow you to visualise what your space will look like once we have completed our work. That’s when you can start really looking forward to what your newly reinvented space will be able to do for you and your business. To find out more or arrange your initial consultation, call us on 0330 332 6312, email us at, or head to our website and click the “Chat with us” button

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