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Lockers, Cabinets & Cupboards

Whether you need a locker, a cabinet or a cupboard, BiGDUG has a solution for every situation and every budget. Explore our range here.

Our range of storage lockers comes in a number of size, depth and colour combinations that allow them to be configured to your own design, to coordinate with your décor and to maximise your available space. Our most popular locker is the standard Fast Delivery Locker. Featuring a fully-welded frame, reinforced doors, integral ventilation slots and 5-knuckle hinges, the Fast Delivery lockers are available from our warehoused stock with a choice of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 doors, two locking options and two colour finishes. 

Like the Fast Delivery Locker, the Sports and Wet Areas Locker is constructed from sheet steel and coated with germ-guard anti-bacterial paint. It also shares many of the construction and security characteristics of the Fast Delivery but has the additional benefits of a special pre-coated galvanised-steel finish and chlorine-resistant cam locks to ensure that it can cope with frequent washing down. It is therefore ideal for swimming pool changing rooms, shower rooms and wet-area industrial applications.

The Changing Room Lockers (or combination and archway lockers as they are also known) allow clothes to be hung alongside metal storage lockers either on the integral rail or via the fixed hooks. In practise the lockers function as secure, divided wardrobes and are particularly popular in leisure centres, open-plan offices and workplaces where general clothing needs to be stored near to valuable personal effects. Our Clean and Dirty Locker range is similarly versatile because it allows working and home/traveling clothes to be compartmentalised or, more specifically, to store wet and dry clothes alongside each other.

When visibility of contents or air circulation is a requirement, our zinc-plated Wire Mesh Lockers and Security Cage Shelving may be the answer. Used primarily in manufacturing plants, health care units and food-production areas, the wire mesh construction provides the user with the assurance of secure storage whilst still allowing others to see the stored contents. It is therefore particularly popular for behind-the-counter storage in retail outlets and available as either a static or mobile option.  BiGDUG’s Clear Door and Clear View lockers permit similar transparency of content albeit within a conventional steel locker construction. 

Using the same principles of security-with-visibility but on a much larger scale, BiGDUG’s Metal Security Partitioning provides warehouses, industrial units and factory floors with a simple to assemble, walk-in security facility. The fully modular design of the partitioning means that it can be adapted to the available floor space and that the storage area itself can be reduced or expanded whenever necessary. This simple but effective partitioning means that access to quarantined goods, hazardous substances or large valuable items remains restricted to key holders.

Alongside our industry-standard, European manufactured lockers and cabinets, BiGDUG also holds a range of established-brand office furniture. Our range of Bisley steel cupboards and filing cabinets, for example, means that BiGDUG can provide a personal storage solution for the office or workplace from a market-leading and widely recognised manufacturer. Alongside our Bisley products, BiGDUG also stocks a huge number of other office storage cupboards and desktop units (made from either wood or plastic) to ensure that we have a product that matches your security needs and your office environment exactly.

Regulations regarding the storage of environmentally hazardous or flammable material mean that employers need to ensure that their storage containers are fully compliant with current legislation. BiGDUG holds a number of such regulation-compliant storage containers in stock. Built from fully-welded, heavy duty steel plate, all of our hazardous-goods storage containers include secure locks, anti-jemmy hinges, ventilation louvres, relevant warning notices and specified fire ratings. This means that we can be confident that we can provide the required storage container for most hazardous products and that what we do provide will comply fully with all of the necessary storage regulations.  

BiGDUG sources our range of children’s storage furniture from the UK’s leading manufacturer to ensure that we can supply high quality products that are also durable, functional, colourful and simple to use. In addition to our classroom furniture, BiGDUG also holds large volumes of cloakroom benches in stock. From the basic cloakroom bench to the double-sided cloakroom bench - with hooks or hangers - all of our benches are finished in tough polyester coated colours and come complete with sealed and lacquered timber slats sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council approved suppliers. We also hold stocks of Coat Rails with unbreakable plastic coat hooks that have been designed to complement our range of changing room furniture but that can still be used as a stand-alone feature. 

Classrooms and working areas where laptops, notebooks and tablets are used can cause their own unique storage challenges. Not least is the need to secure unused IT equipment whilst simultaneously having to re-charge it. BiGDUG’s Laptop Lockers are designed specifically for this purpose. With fully extendable shelves with non-slip rubber grips, AC adaptors in the rear electrical compartment and an innovative cooling ventilation system, the mobile units ensure that IT equipment can be transported, charged and stored safely.    

With products suitable for schools, offices, warehouses, recreation centres, workshops, factories and industrial units, BiGDUG can provide a secure storage solution for almost any storage requirement. So whether you want a personal storage locker for work, an IT charging unit for the classroom or a fully welded steel container for storing hazardous chemicals, our Customer Services Team can help you find it. And, because we always hold large numbers of lockers, cabinets and cupboards in stock, we can get them to you in the minimum amount of time. Just call BiGDUG on 0800 088 6300 (or email us at to access great products, great service and great prices.

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