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Using handling aids reduces, and often removes, the risks associated with heavy lifting and also minimises the potential for employee injuries. Job-specific, manual-handling aids have also been proven to increase productivity. BiGDUG stocks a wide range of such pallet stackers and manual lift trucks to ensure that moving and handling heavy items can be done both safely and economically. 

For entry-level pricing and simple practicality the battery-powered Freedom Stacker will prove a highly manoeuvrable and compact handling aid. Designed to handle loads of up to 260kg, the versatile Stacker can be used in a number of industrial applications but is still narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. The Stacker can be supplied with standard fixed forks, adjustable forks, a steel platform, a roller platform or a single boom. Of similarly compact size is the Mini Stacker Truck which can lift, load and unload pallets weighing up to 400kg. It is therefore ideal for use in any light industrial application in which loads frequently exceed manual handling directives but do not require industrial handling equipment.

For a choice of fully powered, power-assisted or manually-operated lifters and stackers from an established manufacturer, the Pramac range will prove some useful product comparisons. The top-of-the-range Pramac GX Series Fully Powered Stacker is designed for use in limited space but boasts a fully-powered, self-propelled chassis with a vertical reach of up to 3.5 metres. The semi-electric Pramac TX Series, in contrast, combines manual movement with electric lifting capabilities, whereas the manually-powered Pramac MX proves a good balance of simple practicality and low price. 

Our JCB handling aids include a heavy-duty stacker lift for loads up to 1000kg and a light duty load limit of 100kg. Both models are highly manoeuvrable and manufactured with the build quality expected from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers. We even stock stackers with adjustable forks to ensure compatibility with almost all industrial pallets. Available with either manual or electric power, the stackers are commonly used in light industry applications and frequently replace the more costly forklift truck.

BiGDUG’s lifter and stacker range includes both manual pallet stackers and electric pallet stackers and extends from the budget-priced, entry-level handling aids right through to the more established manufacturers like Pramac and JCB. You can therefore be sure that at BiGDUG we have a pallet stacker or lift truck that will match your use and your budget.