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Workshop & Workbenches

BiGDUG is the UK’s biggest independent supplier of shelving, racking and storage products. Included in the more than twenty thousand products we hold in our warehouses is a huge selection of workshop storage products. 

This range extends from all-metal workstations and foreman’s desks right through to light duty, entry-level workbenches. We are independent company and source all of our products from carefully selected manufacturers both in the UK and throughout Europe. We also buy our products in huge quantities to ensure that the products themselves, the various components and any related accessories, are always held in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. Buying in bulk also means that we can negotiate the best prices with our suppliers and can pass these savings directly on to our customers. So, if you are looking for a job-specific, multi-feature workstation or just a simple, low cost workbench for home, it will always be available from BiGDUG at a market-beating price.  

Our award-winning Value Workbench, for example, may be offered at a very low price but is still suitable for use in industrial units, factories, warehouses and garages. Using the same boltless, tap-together principles as our premium BiG racking and shelving range, the Value Workbench features a steel centre support, an adjustable lower shelf and a choice of hard-wearing chipboard or wipe-clean melamine shelves. Capable of carrying loads of up to 300kg UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) the practical and functional Value range typifies our ambition to supply high quality build at a low price.

At the other end of the specifications range, we have a range of Bott Cubio heavy duty pedestal benches with a huge 1200kg UDL. Each bench is supplied with a Cubio drawer-cabinet and available with either a multiplex or lino worktop. Our stainless steel work benches are designed for a similarly professional application. Made from premium grade stainless-steel, the benches  comply with the hygiene requirements of food processing and medical facility working areas and are available as cupboard benches, workbenches with integral drawers and simple T-bar benches. 

Similarly job-specific is our selection of anti-static workbenches. Available with a wide range of complementary accessories, the cantilever-style workstations can be supplied with either conductive or static dissipative worktops and come complete with an earth grounding cord and press stud. 

At BiGDUG we also stock a range of packing stations, heavy duty/engineering workbenches and Euro desks all designed for intensive, commercial use. We also stock wooden workbenches that can be used in either commercial or domestic working areas.

Irrespective of the size or design, every work station or work bench is available from BiGDUG with compatible seating. Our extensive range of seating is all fully-adjustable and available with upholstered fabric, polypropylene, one-piece plastic moulding and wipe-clean or steam-clean surfaces. With stools, chairs and even sit-stand stools, the workshop seating range compliments our wider range of office seating.    

At BiGDUG, we do not confuse quality with cheap. We instead make sure that our sole focus is on securing purpose-designed, high-quality products at the best possible price and then supplying these products with exemplary levels of service. We are so confident that we can live up to this commitment that we even offer a unique Customer Satisfaction Guarantee with every product we sell. This means that if you are not completely satisfied with your order – for whatever reason – you can return it to us.

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