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Workplace Products & Equipment

BiGDUG stocks a range of work-related products that extend from general-use to job-specific, traditional to contemporary in style and top-of-the-range to entry-level in budget. Explore our range below.

Identifying the most suitable products for the workplace is always a challenge. Matching the right product to the job is obviously the first consideration. Any resultant choice then needs to be popular with the intended users and available at a cost that falls within agreed budget limits. All of our products are nevertheless sold with our unique price-matching guarantee and the assurance of BiGDUG’s exemplary levels of customer service.

Staff, building and visitor safety considerations can be met with our range of fire extinguishers, first aid equipment and first aid kits, as well as our extensive range of safety signs and labels to keep staff informed. For more industrial-scale safety concerns, BiGDUG has bollards, steel hoop guards and collision protection guards and bars. If a product is out of reach or work is needed at an extended height, we offer a range of access platformsaccess platforms and ladders to ensure a safe working environment. 

Entrances and doorways that in constant use are subject to harsh conditions and noise pollution. If this is a problem, our range of high quality PVC curtains can help insulate the work space as well as reducing dust, fumes and noise. 

With established brands like Little Giant alongside our own uniquely-sourced products we are confident that we can supply our customers with the best workplace products, with the best levels of customer service, at the best price. So, if you want outdoor furnituresafety barriers, first aid kits or ladders, our Customer Services Team can help you find it. And, because we always hold huge amounts of products in stock, we can get them to you in the minimum amount of time. Just call BiGDUG on 0800 088 6300 (or email us at to access great products, great service and great prices.

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