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BiGDUG’s wide range of storage and personal effects lockers can provide a secure storage solution for almost any environment including offices, gyms, recreation centres, schools and general changing areas. 

The Fast Delivery steel lockers, for example, are available with a full length, single door or with two, three, four or six doors. They are also available in two different depths, two different finishes and a choice of either padlock or key locking so can be ordered according to the size of the items to be stored, the locking option and the storage space. The Lockers also benefit from being held in stock and therefore eligible for our rapid 72 hour delivery.

Fast Delivery Lockers are suitable for most applications but for particularly damp, or humid areas, we would recommend our Sports & Wet Area Lockers. Designed to provide a safe storage option in swimming pool changing areas and shower rooms, the lockers are also suitable for industrial areas where a comprehensive wash down is frequently needed. Manufactured from pre-coated galvanised steel, and finished with Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint, the water-resistant Lockers will provide safe and hygienic storage in almost any working environment.  

With a similarly versatile dual-function, the Clean and Dirty Storage Lockers are designed to keep dirty work clothing from spoiling clean clothing but are also used to separate work clothes/uniforms from home clothes. They are also suitable for keeping wet clothing separate from dry clothing.

Our Changing Room Lockers combine the advantages of simple, rail hanging for clothes with the security of personal effect lockers. The Changing Room Lockers - also known as combination or archway lockers - will therefore prove a practical, space saving solution for both clothing and valuables storage in offices, workplaces and entrance areas generally. 

The Vented Lockers are suitable for situations where efficient ventilation and stock management controls are critical so are particularly popular in schools and workplaces. Our Clear View Lockers are based on the same, conventional locker design but extend visibility with a transparent half-width panel in the door. The Clear Door Lockers, in contrast, provide the maximum visibility of contents with a transparent, shatter-proof polycarbonate door.

The wire mesh lockers share the same security advantages of the Vented range but include the additional benefit of air circulation. Available with 8, 12, 16 or 20 compartments and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 doors, the zinc-coated lockers be used as simple lockers or for displaying products in retail units. 

Our range of Autumn Lockers offers high quality manufacturing with 5 attractive, autumn-themed door colours and 2 complementary body finishes to ensure sure that we can supply a secure, steel locker that matches both individual security requirements and building decors. And, like all of our sheet steel lockers, the Autumn Lockers are finished in an anti-bacterial Active Coat finish which impedes the growth and migration of potentially harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of surface-to-surface contamination. The lockers are therefore particularly suitable for environments where stringent hygienic standards is critical, i.e. health centres, schools, catering facilities and retail change areas.

BiGDUG’s security lockers for employees, customers and building residents include purpose-specific Post Box Mail Lockers and Personal Effects Lockers. The Personal Effects Lockers are particularly useful for storing wallets, purses, mobiles phones and tablet computers outside of the immediate work area. We can even supply a Powerstation Charging Locker to multi-charge power tool batteries and mobile phones in a secure container. Each locker contains six separate compartments containing a double socket connected, in series, to a 230V RCD protected plug. The Powerstation is commonly used in maintenance areas and on building sites.

Whether for work, leisure, school, office, clothes or personal effects, BiGDUG will have either a single locker, a combination locker or a run of pre-drilled lockers that will match both the storage requirements and the storage space.  


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