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Make handling jobs easier and safer using one of BiGDUG’s platform trucks or turntable trolleys. All of our trucks and trolleys use a turntable-based steering system - allowing tight, precise turning - and a one-piece, loop handle that makes single-handed manoeuvring possible. Precision steering, manoeuvrability and significant load capacities therefore make the trucks and trolleys ideal for use in factories, industrial plants, retail units and warehouses.

To cope with the variety of objects requiring handling in such a wide-ranging number of applications, BiGDUG stocks a range of flatbed trolleys and trucks in a variety of sizes, capacities and designs. To differentiate between the various products we try to emphasise the primary considerations of each product in its title and text; the maximum weight capacity and whether or not the carried loads need containing. In simple terms, regular movement of large, bulky items or boxed products would suggest that a platform trolley without sides would aid loading and unloading. The movement of objects requiring some form of securing would, in contrast, suggest that a flatbed trolley with 4 sides would be more appropriate. For irregular handling jobs and loads, trucks and trolleys with drop down, or fully removable, sides may be a better option. 

The Heavy Duty Platform Truck with Pneumatic Wheels is an open-sided truck with a load capacity of 750kg. Pneumatic wheels ensure quiet running and stable carrying without causing damage to flooring. The Truck is therefore particularly suitable for factory and warehouse use. The Ultra Heavy Duty Turntable Trailer Truck will cope with even greater loads (up to 1000kg) and is therefore more suitable for intensive industrial use.  The Ultra is available as a simple flatbed truck or as an enclosed truck with a fixed headboard and dropdown sides and tailgate.

The Blue Turntable Platform Trailer shares the same dropdown versatility of the Ultra model but is designed for lesser loads. The Trailer is available with either a steel or MDF deck and, aside from the advantages of dropdown, also benefits from fully removable panels. It can therefore be adapted easily to a variety of loads.  Our Red Turntable Platform Trailer is similarly available with a choice of a steel or a plywood deck and the option of removable ends and sides.

For even more secure carrying, the high-sided Blue Turntable Platform Trailer Trucks with Tubular Steel or Steel Mesh sides will prove particularly useful for carrying items requiring greater retention without losing visibility of content. These Trucks are ideal for waste and recycling collections. The steel-mesh, base design is also available in the 250kg Turntable Platform Truck and with drop-down sides in the 400kg Turntable Platform Truck.   

Whether you want a platform trolley or a turntable truck for commercial, industrial or retail use, BiGDUG will make it available with our Lowest Price Promise.