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Roll Containers are an essential part of the distribution chain for moving and storing goods securely. Used in both industrial and retail applications, the versatile Roll Container will move loose and boxed materials on and off vehicles, through goods-in areas and into unpacking or storage areas. BiGDUG stocks a wide range of Roll Containers to ensure that we have a version that will match the intended uses, the various loads and the given budget.

The entry-level, Standard Demountable Roll Container, for example, is a popular choice for replenishing stock and for transporting goods through warehouses and offices generally. Made from zinc-plated steel with nylon-rolling castors, the simple, demountable design allows the sides to be lifted from the base and stacked – with the base - in minimal storage space. The 5-piece, Jumbo Demountable Roll Container is similarly easy to break down but is more suitable for handling larger, bulkier items. With a load capacity of 500kg, the Jumbo Container includes a drop-down, hinged gate to aid loading and unloading.

A popular alternative to the Demountable Cage is the Nestable Container. Nestable Roll Containers are constructed around a rigid framework and available with 2, 3 or 4 sides. To nest the Container, the floor is folded upwards and the sides clipped into the back frame. The folded frame is then free to nest with other Containers. Like the Demountable Container, the Nestable is available in a standard size or a 600kg load-capacity Jumbo size. Both benefit from having no detachable parts.    

For more secure storage and pilfer-minimising transportation, BiGDUG stocks a number of Secure Demountable and Nestable Roll Containers. Both feature fully-enclosed frames, smaller mesh spacing and an integral padlock hasp. Our Secure Containers are even available with an easy-to-clean plastic base for hygienic product transportation and handling food products.   

Pallet cages use the same simple, practicality as the Roll Containers to store and move loose items. Using the same handling principles as a standard-sized pallet - with the additional benefit of vertical retention – the Cages are available as a Standard Pallet Cage size or with a Heavy Duty load capacity of up to 1500kg. Both will fold down when not in use and so will prove an ideal choice for transporting full loads outwards and taking up minimum carrying space on the return.   

Purpose-designed Stackable Pallet Cages will also turn the standard plastic or wooden pallet into an enclosed storage container and allow a clear view of content. Available with a half-height, drop down gate or with full gate access, both Cages have reinforced steel rims to enable forklift stacking of up to 4 units in height. 

The roll cage, roll container and pallet cage are all a fundamental part of the handling process and available in a variety of sizes and capacities with BiGDUG’s Lowest-Price Promise and bulk buying discounts.