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PVC Strip Curtains

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PVC Strip Curtains
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How your business can benefit from PVC strip curtains

PVC strip curtains can be found on a huge array of industrial sites, especially in cold-storage areas and other warehouses where chilling and other forms of storage are essential.


PVC strip curtains – especially heavy duty ones – are an affordable safety solution for companies. They’re also a fantastic way for businesses to be more eco-friendly and vastly save money on their energy bills especially if they have large open areas, pathways and access points without a doorway.


PVC strip curtains in cold-storage areas keep cool and cold air in specific rooms, instead of it filtering through to other areas of the warehouse or business. They can also be used in areas such as data centres to help cool air circulate around the places it’s needed most.


PVC strip curtains are easy to install and an instant solution for businesses looking to better protect areas, reduce bills and provide a better environment for employees. Our strips are able to be installed in doorways of various shapes and size, and are suitable for areas where workers and motorised traffic pass through.


Our strip curtains are also transparent and able to give workers clear views of pathways and other important areas within your industrial space. Strip curtains can also help employees be more productive, allowing them to pass into other areas instead of having to constantly open doors.


PVC strips can be ordered as curtains themselves or as rolls in bulk so they can be self-installed. For those looking for more affordable solutions, we also have standard PVC strip curtains available for smaller businesses needed an effective storage aide.