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When carrying large or bulky items there is little to equal the practical simplicity of platform trucks and trolleys. 

For loads of up to 500kg, BiGDUG stocks a range of Heavy Duty Platform Trolleys in a variety of sizes and configurations. The Double Ended Heavy Duty Platform Truck, for example, features full-width handles with plywood walls at each end and open sides to aid loading and picking, whereas our best-selling Heavy Duty Platform Truck has only a single handle for more general/multi-purpose use. The Double Mesh Sided Trolley and 2 Sided Heavy Duty Platform Truck, in contrast, are more suitable for loading and securing lengthier items like sheet materials, timber and top-heavy loads. The Multi-Position Heavy Duty Sheet Platform Truck is similarly designed for the transportation of sheeting, piping and timber. 

For smaller loads the entry-level Platform Truck can carry loads of up to 250kg and shares the same tubular steel construction as the heavier duty models. It is, however, much lighter in weight and therefore far easier to transport. 

The mesh-enclosed Platform Trucks share same lightweight benefits as the standard Platform Truck but use powder-coated steel decks rather than plywood and have a load capacity of 700kg. Using industrial grade tyres and castors, and offering a choice of single, two-sided, three-sided or four-sided, zinc-wire mesh panels, the Trucks will prove a durable and versatile addition to any commercial handling requirements and are particularly suited for use in warehouses, factories and stock rooms. 

Offering the same levels of handling versatility, but with the added benefit of being compatible with the stringent demands of catering and pharmaceutical use, the easy to clean, stainless steel platform trucks are ideal for transporting loads up to 500kg in hygienic environments. Like the wire mesh platform trucks, the stainless steel mesh trucks are available with one, two, three  and four sides. 

For more general, all weather use the Zinc Plated Platform Truck is one of our most popular models. With zinc plating, a single fixed-mesh end and a load capacity of 700kg, the Truck combines weather-resistant durability with industrial-weight strength and so is ideal for most outdoor applications. 

If maximum manoeuvrability is the first consideration, the Diamond Wheel Platform Truck can turn in its own length and is ideal for smaller and restrictive spaces. 

Whether needed to carry loads or to pick orders, we are confident that at BiGDUG we have platform truck or a platform trolley that will match both your job and your budget