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Tilt Trucks & Tipping Skips

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At BiGDUG, we are a trusted provider of handling and access solutions, taking pride in offering versatile products that streamline material handling processes. Our tilt trucks are designed to facilitate easy transportation and disposal of various materials in industrial, commercial, and construction settings. 

Explore our high-quality products featuring reliable constructions, efficient tilt mechanisms, and compatibility with forklifts, ensuring seamless workflow and enhanced productivity.

2 Items
  • Loadtek Mobile Tipping Skip Bins
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    £621.40 (ex. VAT)
  • Loadtek Wheelbarrow Skips
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    £480.95 (ex. VAT)

Efficient Material Handling Solutions

Our tilt trucks provide an efficient and ergonomic solution for moving heavy loads across your workspace. Designed with easy-to-use tilt mechanisms, these trucks allow for effortless dumping of contents, saving valuable time and labour. Ideal for industrial applications, construction sites, and waste management, our tilt trucks offer excellent maneuverability and stability. With sturdy construction and robust wheels, they can handle rough terrains and challenging environments with ease, making them a reliable choice for various material handling tasks.

Simplify disposal with forklift tipping skips

Certain varieties of our skips are specifically designed to be lifted and emptied using a forklift, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of injuries. Our tipping skips come in various sizes and capacities, from 250kg to 400kg to accommodate different waste volumes, allowing you to efficiently manage disposal on-site. Made from high-quality materials, including robust steel, our skips are built to withstand frequent use, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

Enhance workflow and safety

The tilt trucks featured in our collection are not just practical but are also designed with safety in mind. Smooth tilting mechanisms and secure locking systems ensure controlled dumping of materials, eliminating the risk of accidents. By incorporating these products into your material handling processes, you can enhance workflow efficiency and create a safer working environment for your employees, whether you need to transport construction debris, manage waste in industrial facilities, or streamline material handling tasks.

Contact BiGDUG

BiGDUG is a reliable supplier of tilt trucks. If you’re planning a large project and need some personal assistance, we can call to your site to assess your requirements. For anything else, please contact us on 0333 200 5299.