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Space Planner

BiGDUG Shelving planning Wizard

Create your perfect storage solution with our FREE interactive Space Planner.

The BiGDUG Storage Planner makes it easy to design and create scaled versions of how your warehouse, store or office space could look.

Now you can accurately design and plan the use of your space to maximise its potential. Unlike other programs, our planner is really easy to use and web based so there's no special skills or software needed. Plus, it's completely free for all BiGDUG customers.

Open the BiGDUG planner now

  • Easily create 2 dimensional scale drawings - no need for complex CAD skills
  • Improve your space planning and maximise available storage space
  • Try different layouts and storage combinations
  • Check that products fit your space before buying
  • No specific software to download (flash plug in required)
  • Create walls, floors, doors and windows all to scale
  • Simply drag and drop products into your plan
  • Move and rotate into position
  • Email your designs to us for a fast and accurate quotation
  • Save and print your plans or email to colleagues

Why not try our planner now and see how simple it is to use?

Launch the program, then either choose one of our sample layouts or create a plan of your own space by clicking on the 'Blank Sheet' tab and then the 'Walls' tab to draw out a scale view of your storage area. You can then add doors, windows, stairs and coloured floors, all of which can be sized as required.

Select your products from the menu on the left by clicking on a button and choosing a product range. A detailed pop up menu with plan views of each item appears.

To add a product, simply click on the item and drag it into your room space and click again to position. For additional information on the item, click the blue (i) button next to it. To move a product once you have placed it, simply click on the item and drag to the desired location, to rotate the item, use the arrows that surround it. To remove a piece of equipment, click on the item and press delete.

Once you have created your plan, you can save it for future reference and email a copy of the plan to yourself or a colleague. You can also print a copy of your plan. If you'd like, we can provide a free, no obligation quote for your storage needs based on your saved plan.

Open our storage planner now

If you require any sales advice, information or want to purchase over the phone, please call 0800 088 6300 to contact our sales team, email us or simply buy online.