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There is nothing that you cannot put on a shelf. Shelving is such a useful tool and really helps to tidy up an area and create more space. You can place shelves anywhere in your home, office, garage or warehouse and even if you don't use the shelves now, there will always be a time that they will come in handy.

Different uses for 3 tier shelving

You get a number of different uses for shelves and they can be placed in almost any area. Starting with the home, 3 tier shelves can be placed within any room that you can think of. Corners are also great for adjusting your 3 tier shelves to fit in them. Space is sometimes seen as precious commodity. When it is clustered and overrun by stuff your home can feel rather small and claustrophobic. Finding solutions to alleviate this can be beneficial to your home and your lifestyle.

In the bedroom 3 tier shelves make the ideal spot to pack away all your favourite books and you can even use them to store your bedding. Display all your perfumes on these 3 tier shelves as well as bubble baths and bath oils. By putting baskets on these 3 tier shelving units, you can instantly create little draws for storage of small items which cannot support themselves. In the bathroom the 3 tier shelves make a great unit for packing your towels and toilet paper. Where there is a need then these shelves will be able to fill it for you.

Kid's rooms need not be a mess and often this can cause you frustrations. 3 tier shelving pieces make the perfect place to put all toys and your children's books on. You can label each level for specific items. The top tier can be for things that your kids don't often use as well as bigger items while the bottom tiers which are more accessible are ideal for toys that your children play with everyday.

A small 3 tier shelving unit can also be placed in your bathroom. Remember that the bathroom does not have a lot of space so keep the unit slim and small. On these 3 tier shelves you can store all your toiletries from soaps and lotions to bubble baths and shampoo. Roll up a bunch of towels and place them on one of the levels. It will chic and very neat.

Storing food and utensils is another great use for 3 tier shelving systems. You can display all your treasured china, bowls and dishes in the dining room. In the pantry, 3 tier shelves are perfect for placing various non-perishable food items on.

The garage will definitely welcome 3 tier shelves. This is the one place that absolutely needs order. You will always find a use for a durable and strong 3 tier shelving units whether it be for storing tools and equipment or for all your arts and crafts.