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Safety signs, warning signs or danger signs? Whatever sign you require BiGDUG can supply it from the thousands of safety signs we have in stock. In today’s health and safety aware environment, a safety sign will make people aware of potential dangers and reduce injuries and accidents.

BiGDUG has a huge range of safety and warning signs to choose from covering all available health and safety requirements. The safety signs fall into a number of different categories and have a number of safety meanings.

Prohibition safety signs order an individual not to do something. They prohibit, forbid and warn against an action that could be dangerous or endanger a person or persons. These safety signs usually have a pictogram or picture that contains a red circle with a diagonal line running through it. A red square or red rectangle text box with wording is normally below to give additional warning information to the safety sign. Typical examples may be a Do Not Enter sign or No Smoking safety sign. These prohibition signs have a huge range of uses most commonly being used as construction site signs, office safety signs and traffic signs.

Mandatory safety signs signify that an action or instruction must be done. These safety signs have a pictogram or picture that contains a blue solid circle with a pictogram or text inside with an instruction that must be carried out. These blue safety signs can also have a blue square or blue rectangle with text below the blue circle pictogram. Typical example may be a Fire Door safety sign or a Safety Helmets Must Be Worn safety sign. These mandatory signs have a wide range of uses as a construction site safety sign, building signs, warehouse safety signs or traffic signs.

Safe Condition safety signs give instructions on an escape route or indicate the location of safety equipment. These safety signs have either a green square or rectangle with a pictogram and text contained within the coloured area. These green safety signs are most commonly seen as First Aid signs, Fire Exit signs or Exit safety signs.

Hazard safety signs warn an individual of danger and advise caution. These warning signs have a yellow triangle with a pictogram contained within it. They usually contain a yellow square or yellow rectangle giving additional information of the danger. These hazard and warning safety signs are commonly seen as Danger Keep Out signs or Caution Hot Water signs.

Fire safety signs including Fire Extinguisher signs and Fire Equipment sign should be used to show the location of non-automatic fire fighting equipment. These safety signs are either a red square or red rectangle which contains the pictogram and text. Common examples are Fire Alarm signs and Fire Extinguisher safety signs.

BiGDUG safety signs are available in a number of different materials including self adhesive vinyl and 1mm rigid plastic. Fire exit signs and other fire safety signs including fire extinguisher signs, fire equipment signs and fire action notice signs are also available in 1mm Photoluminescent rigid plastic. This photoluminescent safety sign board is a glow in the dark material that is charged by ambient light and glows in the event of a blackout. These safety signs greatly help emergency escape in the event of an evacuation, preventing accidents and injuries.

All BiGDUG safety signs are very competitively priced and are available for next day delivery. Why not order online or give us a call!

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