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Store Room Racking

Store room racking products at BiGDUG

At BiGDUG, we are able to provide a solution to your store room storage dilemmas and we provide great quality store room racking products.

Our store room racking will provide any sized space store room with more floor space using shelving racks that will hold a large and heavy capacity of items perfect for businesses, schools and homes at fantastic prices.

All our racking units have been manufactured in different colours, measurements, shapes and materials.

Many of our store room racking items have also been produced in strong galvanised steel with bays big enough and wide enough to fit most items found in store rooms.

The store room racking products that have proven most popular includes:

MAX2 racking, MAX garment racking, MAX1 heavy duty racking, BiG industrial shelving, MAX1 racking with galvanised shelves, MAX widespan racking, budget widespan racking and of course our budget widespan mega deals.

Portable store room racks

Our portable store room racking is extremely popular with businesses and places where there is a need for a temporary storage facility. Domestic customers find this type of storage rack particularly useful when they are moving home or need additional storage solutions which are not provided by their furniture items.

Mobile store room racking provides a solution to transporting many items at one time whilst keeping them in a structured order.

Portable racks can be used for light weight items and heavier items of 300kg which is the maximum weight capacity of each shelf. The industrial store room racks have wider shelves and are heavy duty. Our mobile store room racking solutions have wooden shelf racks.

BiGDUG provides mobile racking in a wide range of options and all measurements are shown clearly with product descriptions and pictures on our website which makes ordering store room racking very simple and straightforward.

Store room racking

At BiGDUG, we are the experts in all mobile store room racking, shelving and storage products.

A popular option for store room racking is the longer, thinner racking which provides six upward shelves - this type of racking offers up more floor space in your store room.

For store rooms that require heavy duty storage facilities in a larger storage area BIG Industrial Racking product is better for larger spaces.

BIG Industrial Racking

Our industrial racking option is very popular with store room storage and comes with four separate shelves. The whole unit measures 1780 x 1400 x 600mm.

This racking provides a perfect solution for big store rooms with bulky storage items. Shelf capacity is 300kgs each shelf and the whole unit has been made for industrial strength and is easy to assemble. All shelves are completely adjustable and there is an option for a height upgrade if you need a taller bay.

MAX garment racking

A racking solution sold as individual beams and frames. The Max Garment Racking comes in a number of options which means you can assemble the unit to your bespoke needs.

Max garment racking measures 1800, 2400 and 3000mm and there are two beam sizes available, 1200mm or 1500mm. The racking is able to support up to 80kg weight on one beam. Supporting beams on both sides of racking frame saves space and the unit is easy to assemble. Each welded frame provides maximum strength for heavy items. This racking is ideal for large and small store rooms.

At BiGDUG we know that the quality of racking products which we supply is excellent and so are the prices. We provide a fantastic service and our friendly staff are on hand for any of your storage queries.

Store Room Racking
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