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Which type of metal racking do I need?

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right type of racking for your business can be confusing. Do you need heavy duty metal racking or could you get away with budget chipboard racking? How do you know which type of metal racking is best for your warehouse? The pros and cons of steel racking verse metal and chipboard racking depend upon a variety of factors.

Before you can decide which type of racking to get, you must determine your particular storage requirements. You should consider how much space you have, so you can establish how much racking you can fit in and still make it easy to get around the storage area. You also need to consider what and where you will be storing items, in addition to their weight and size. For example do you need wide chipboard racking and plastic bins for smaller items or would you be better served by steel racking? It may be that you need a mix of steel racking for some items, with metal and chipboard racking for other items.

Steel racking – light in weight yet robust

Galvanised steel racking is resistant to corrosion, so it is great for storing tinned liquids and paints. Steel racking is also ideal for use in damp environments, such as cold rooms and chillers. Steel racking is a long-life storage solution that will serve you well for years to come. Designed to withstand heavy duty loads of 200kg per level, metal racking made of steel is ideal for heavy duty use.

Steel racking also has adjustable shelf levels with a strong central steel support, adding extra strength to this metal racking system. The adaptable shelving of steel racking gives you even better storage potential, as you can change the shelf height to fit your needs.

You can also use extension with this storage system giving you even greater flexibility. Plus, it’s easy to assemble BiGDUG’s steel racking. No nuts or bolts are required. This type of metal racking uses a 'tap-together' technique so the only assembly tool you need for your steel racking is a rubber mallet.

Affordable chipboard racking - gives you versatile metal racking

If you are looking for storage that can cope with a variety of weights - and is very affordable - metal racking with chipboard shelves maybe a good solution. Metal racking with chipboard shelves (sometimes referred to as chipboard racking) offers versatile storage. Some chipboard racking can cope with up to 600 kilos, giving you strong and durable racking for your warehouse. No wonder this type of chipboard racking is so popular for industrial storage. At the other end of the scale, budget metal racking with chipboard shelves can also handle less weighty storage of around 150 kilos. Chipboard racking is available in a wide variety of widths. Some racking comes with adaptable shelves and easy ‘no bolt’ assembly.

What is the difference between these types metal racking?

The main difference between steel racking and metal and chipboard racking is the material used for the shelves. With steel racking both the uprights and the shelves are made of steel. With metal and chipboard racking the uprights are made of steel, but the shelves are made of durable chipboard. This means that chipboard racking (which uses less steel) is better value. Yet, its strength and weight bearing capacity is impressive. Some racking offers both metal shelving with wooden decks. Of course, all racking vary according to its widths, height and weight bearing capability.

At BiGDUG we are the UK’s leading online provider of low cost racking. We have steel racking or metal and chipboard racking to suit every requirement and budget at BiGDUG. We offer a wide variety of metal racking, and with our customer advice experts and our online Planning Wizard, we will help you make the most of your warehouse or storeroom.