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Education Racking

School racking products at BiGDUG

At BiGDUG, there is a large variety of quality storage school racking products – just select the school racks which are perfect for you.

School racking provides you with more space and enough shelf racks to keep any room or classroom tidy, and it is all for a great price which will fit most school budgets.

School racking, including associated school racks, is manufactured in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Some of the school racking items are produced in galvanised steel and school racks in each bay are wide and provide ample storage space. The following school racking products are some of our most popular:

BiG industrial shelving, MAX1 heavy duty racking, MAX2 racking, MAX1 racking complete with galvanised shelves, MAX widespan racking, MAX garment racking, budget widespan racking and we also have our popular ‘Budget Widespan Mega Deals’.

Portable school racks

Portable school racking is one of our most popular products with schools. School mobile racking is perfect for temporary storage and is easily transported from classroom to classroom, school gyms and halls. Mobile school racking means that you can easily transport items across the distance you need.

Portable school racks are available for coats and clothes or other heavy duty items. The industrial school racks come with wide shelf racks and are extremely heavy duty whilst the mobile school racking comes with wooden shelf racks.

BiGDUG is able to supply mobile racking with a variety of options of school racks and our website clearly shows all height and length measurements including clear descriptions of school racking so you can be confident when you order your school racks.

Mobile racking

We are experts in mobile school racking, shelving, archiving and many other storage solutions, and when it comes to supplying school racks, we know what we are doing.

Of course, portable racking is not just used in schools - it is also great for business and homes.

One of the most popular options for school racks is our long and thin mobile racking unit which comes with six shelf racks.

For heavy duty storage and a stationary school racking storage option, the Big Industrial Racking product is perfect for racking in large spaces.

Big industrial racking

This racking option comes with 300kg shelving across four shelves and measures 1780 x 1400 x 600mm. These are perfect for static use as they provide larger size school shelving bays, which are much better for bulky items in workshops, gyms and large storage areas.

All you need to do is simple tap together school shelves and there are no nuts and bolts with easy assembly. There is a shelf capacity of 300kgs UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per shelf, all of which is completely adjustable. An optional height upgrade for the taller bays also helps to reduce the floor space used and provides greater storage ability with these industrial school racks.

Max garment racking

This garment racking is sold in beams and frames and will suit all your storage configuration needs. The frame supports beams on both sides, which helps to save valuable budget as well as space. The blue frames are fully welded and coated to give maximum strength and they are ideal for science labs, gyms and stockrooms.

The Max Garment Racking can be purchased in a variety of options so you can assemble it for your specific needs. For further information contact BiGDUG and our friendly staff will be able to advise you.

At BiGDUG, we are passionate about the quality we supply in our school racks as with all our storage products, we promise great service and great prices and we believe in the quality of what we are able to supply for solving everyone’s storage solutions.

Education Racking
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