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Our website and catalogue both detail the characteristics and capabilities of each of our Racking products but if you require further help in identifying, or comparing, the most suitable options then please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 088 6300 (or email us at 

Our premium-level BiG800 racking uses the long-established, fully-modular principles of the boltless, keyhole-and-tongue assembly to construct an adjustable and adaptable racking unit with a 800kg UDL* loading capacity. It is therefore suitable for use in warehouses, workshops, factories, garages and industrial units. 

The BiG400, in contrast, will cope with similarly intensive, industrial use but has a lower shelf-weight capacity. It is nevertheless constructed using the same rigid-framework, boltless assembly principles of the BiG800. The simple, time-proven design of the BiG400 has made it the most popular racking choice in warehouses throughout Europe for many years. 

Our wide range of pallet racking is also capable of storing industrial-sized weights but is designed for the forklift loading of palletised goods specifically. Using European-sourced, FEM compliant steel, the racking is available from stock in a range of industrial-standard widths and heights and will accommodate most recognised pallet sizes. Supplied with floor fixings and levelling plates, the bays are configured using fully-assembled frames and use the ‘add-on’ starter and additional-extension-bays principle to create runs that can be adapted to match the storage space exactly.

BiGDUG’s widespan (or longspan) racking has the same heavy-load capabilities as the pallet racking but is more suitable for bulkier, irregularly-shaped items. With sturdy Z-profile steel beams and thick chipboard or galvanised steel panels, each widespan deck can be adapted to hold loads of up to a massive 1000kg UDL. It is therefore ideal for use in warehouses, factories and automotive workshops where particularly large, awkward items are stored alongside floor-level palletised goods.

Our industry-leading Cantilever Racking will store varying lengths of piping, timber and other similar materials requiring single, fixed beam storage. The cantilever arms can each carry between 500kg to 1000kg. With a variety of the most popular industrial heights and depths held in stock, our Cantilever Racking range is available as both a single and double sided option and as separate starter and extension bays. It can be configured to match available space and is commonly used by builder’s merchants and other commercial suppliers. 

BiGDUG’s garment racking shares the same sort of appeal with clothing retailers and is also a popular choice in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and anywhere where secure cloakroom storage is required. With a large number of different configurations available from stock, our garment racking can be used in business premises or for the home storage of clothing, shoes, and accessories. We even offer five different colour versions of our BiG340 Garment Racking systems. The BiG340 has the additional benefit of 160kg UDL hanging rails to cope with the demands of a busy retail environment and the bulk storage of clothing in stores and warehouses. 

In addition to our conventional, industrial racking, BiGDUG also keeps huge stocks of more specialised racking products. From tyre and garage-wall racking  to retailing and food storage, with purpose-designed, self-assembly van racking and vertical racking in between, BiGDUG supplies all of our racking with our unique Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that we guarantee that you will get the right racking product, at the right price with the best levels of customer service. 

*Uniformly Distributed Load

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